Watch me fly to my goal!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ok, my weight isn't as bad as it looks, because I lost 2 pounds and gained back one.
I have been without a car for 2 weeks, and got it back today. HOORAY!
Good news, I made the President's list in college- 4.0! Proves to me I still have a brain that works.
I am very disappointed that I didn't do better with my weight loss, but gives me something to shoot for next month.
I think I'd better warn ya'll in advance.
Quote for the week:
Stupid is as stupid does.......


Karilynn said...

WTG with the 2 lbs and the 4.0! That is way way impressive! I'm glad you got your car back. :o) Celebrate the loss... and make that weight 2 lbs you will never say again

Karilynn said...

say = see... i hate typos!

shrinkingme said...

Awesome job mom!!! It is nice that your brain still works, mine doesn't! is this proof that the brain cells do regenerate after a while of having little ones around?! I know you will kick butt this nest month mom, I love you!!

Carrie said...

Yep, I agree with holly you will do great this month, give your weight and health the attention that you did in school and you will fly!

Melissa said...

Good for you!