Watch me fly to my goal!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Why does it seem that when I get sick I bloat all over the place? I was hoping that five days of hacking my guts out would make it like crunches or something.
I'm discouraged, but got a gazelle so I can work out at home when the gym is too far away.
Another month to succeed in!


Whitney said...

So unfair... It's like... lugging a baby around all day should give me ripped arms... it doesn't. LOL

Have fun on the gazelle. I tried one at my friends house once and alsmot killed myslef. haha For being a dancer for 16 years I sure am uncordinated. haha

Minderella said...

You know throwing up does give your abs a workout! You have to have felt a little soreness in there. :) Hope you get feeling 100% soon.

Carrie said...

Hope things are going a little smoother for ya, sharon. Keep your eye on the prize and you will make it!

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